Biotracker Diagnostics / Isotherapy

Biotracker DiagnosticsBio-Energetic Stress Response Technology

The BioTracker ingeniously unites Mainstream Medical fields and Alternatives such as Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and leading edge Western computerized Bio-Energetic Stress Response Technology. It is a System that facilitates clear precise communication between the Patient’s body and the Practitioner, enabling the Bio-Energetic fields of the patient to be accurately measured and assessed.

Energy Fields and Healing

The physical body has an impressive intrinsic capacity to heal itself. However, when the body cannot or doesn’t complete the healing process on it’s own, we are able, as a result of this technology, to assist in strengthening that inherent healing capacity. Through careful individual assessment, obstacles are removed so as to enable the healing process to proceed. The BioTracker measures energetic resistance to a small electrical current delivered through a specific bio-system of the body and is able to assess whether the electron-flow recorded against specific low voltage and amperage is indicative of optimum condition or not, within that specific bio-system (e.g. Heart, Lungs, Large Intestine, Spleen, Lymph, Nerve etc.). The BioTracker is then able to produce graphic profiles showing clearly where there is need for adjustment to bring imbalances back to ideal readings and later optimum condition. The technology embodies vast computerized libraries of “virtual” remedies to assist the return to optimum health of each unique patient that visits your healing facility.

Health Problems

From both modern and ancient perspectives we realize that every health problem is firstly an energetic phenomenon. The BioTracker helps detect biochemical changes before they become full-blown health problems. Electromagnetic profile evaluations can also be confirmed by conventional laboratory tests once the analysis has been made. The BioTracker has the unique advantage of often detecting past exposures to chemicals, diseases, micro-organisms or radiation etc. which may have contributed to the patient’s underlying health problems. This is where the technology really shines as it will obtain such biofeedback from the individual patient’s responses in the different bio systems and then get the optimum benefit from the custom made “virtual remedies” selected by the computerized protocols of the BioTracker.
IsodeIsotherapy (Isodes)

An Isode is a ‘address everything’ designer remedy made from your own DNA and capsuled within a raw uncut quartz crystal which is worn around your neck 24/7 for 12 weeks, holding irritants at bay, while your body heals itself.
Raw uncut quartz crystals are piezoelectric by nature, which means they have the ability to hold frequency, which is why they are used for clocks and watches and an assortment of other state of the art technologies.
The Bio Tracker technology enables your DNA (every frequency in your body) to be extracted and transferred into the crystal, which is being used as nothing more than a remedy container.
The DNA Remedies you receive from our procedure are complimentary to your own specific genetic makeup and therefore totally safe. They are Homepathically designed and if worn as directed, aid in the gentle healing of your health conditions.
We are now able to receive a patient’s DNA samples from all over the world and from our Clinic here in Patterson NY we even offer distance DNA Analysis and Isotherapy (Isode Remedies) through the DNA samples sent to us by following the protocol outlined below.

  • Use ordinary Q-Tips (new pack) to collect the DNA samples from the inside of the cheeks (left and right).
    Also a clipping of hair as available.
  • Step 1. Two Q-Tip swabs from each patient. One Q-Tip swab taken from inside the right cheek another Q-Tip swab taken from inside the left cheek.
  • NOTE: Scrape and rotate the Q-Tip swabs on the inside of the cheeks for about 10 seconds for each Q-Tip and place both of them into a paper envelope and seal it.
  • Step 2. A fresh clipping of hair about 1″ long and a minimum of 30 strands, as an additional DNA sample.
  • NOTE: Place the hair clipping in a separate paper envelope and seal.
  • All the samples now in 2 paper envelopes can be folded and placed into a larger Bubble wrap envelope and mailed to us at our Mailing address below.
  • The Wellness Center
    P.O. Box 153
    Patterson, NY 12563

The current cost for the DNA Analysis and Isode Remedy is $100 within the USA.
All other countries add $20 for additional Customs handling/mailing charges.
Checks or money orders are made out to The Wellness Center & sent with the DNA samples.
Credit cards are not accepted.

We will then facilitate the appropriate DNA Analysis and the encryption of the Isode which will be sent to your address details along with a letter and suggestions for optimum results.

Contact us via email or telephone or better yet stop by in person.
PS: We specialize in chronic Immune Diseases and tough cases!

NOTE: Isotherapy for animals is also available by using the same above protocol. Smaller Isodes are encrypted for animals that can be sewn into their collars or worn around their neck. Please specify your preference as well as the size of the animal.

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