Sonic Vibration Therapy

Sonic Vibration TherapyScience of Sound

TurboSonic USA offers the world’s most advanced sonic whole body vibration therapy. In just ten minutes every person willing to try this amazing technology can get the equivalent of one hour’s worth of genuine exercise. With easy-to-use & learn touch screen control panels, TurboSonic equipment is FDA registered as a class I exercise and vibration therapy device. Registration number 890.5380.

TurboSonic vibration therapy is the “Science Of Sound” that uses patented sonic vibration technology based on decades of research and development. TurboSonic consists of a sonic (sound) vibrating platform that the user stands on which stimulates bones, muscles, blood vessels and cells in a manner that promotes their rapid development and circulation. By stimulating the body’s natural “stretch reflex”, which causes a spontaneous muscle contraction, your muscles will instinctively stretch and contract as the body is designed to do. NATURAL PROFOUND MOVEMENT WITHOUT EFFORT. Exercise causes the body to tire; rest allows the body to recover. By repeating this process, the body adjusts to the level of effort, resulting in an increase in physical performance. This phenomenon is called super-compensation. However, compared with traditional training methods, greater results are achieved and hormonal production is increased in much less time.

Turbosonic Vibration Improves: Natural healing response, cellular oxygen circulation, vascular circulation, strength & performance, energy & endurance, balance & coordination, flexibility & agility, serotonin for well being and facial toning.

TurboSonic Vibration Reduces: Pain & stiffness, stress & cortisol, fluid retention, fat & cellulite and fatigue

This equipment is currently used nationally & internationally by:

  • Rehabilitation & Physical therapy clinics
  • Sports facilities & Professional sports teams
  • Fitness organizations
  • Obesity clinics
  • Beauty salons
  • Skin Care centers
  • Individual private owners

Our facility makes this equipment available to EVERYONE at an affordable rate!

Sonic Whole Body Vibration

TurboSonic is a “Sonic Whole-Body Vibration Exercise Device” that creates natural vertical vibrations. Unlike the conventional vibration exercise machines utilizing rotary motors, TurboSonic employs a high-performance, acoustic amplifier system and a magnetic voice coil circuit, thus solving the ongoing problems associated with noise and mechanical abrasion.

Studies have shown that whole body vibration exercise substantially improves muscle strength, performance and flexibility. It has also been proven to enhance blood and lymph circulation, which is critical in an exercise program. WBV is also being utilized to assist the circulatory system’s ability to deliver vital nutrients and hormones throughout the body.

TurboSonic provides the same or even better effect of exercising while just standing on the machine doing nothing but listening to your favorite music. It can be used by anyone regardless of age, sex, physical or neurological condition. This is especially good news for office workers, overweight people and clients, who experience difficulty exercising over extended periods of time.

Used alone, or as a pre or post workout complement to traditional strength training and cardiovascular exercise, TurboSonic provides its conditioning benefits in a fraction of the time, compared to traditional strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Full-body workouts, consisting of movements and positions designed to train the entire body, can be done on the TurboSonic. Since it can train without the physical rigors of traditional exercise, individuals who find it difficult to exercise, can enhance their quality of life and potentially extend it through improved overall fitness. For avid fitness enthusiasts, TurboSonic enhances traditional exercise regimens.
Applications for Better Life

Through TurboSonic exercise, you can improve your strength, endurance, stability, and flexibility without the constraints of conventional exercise. TurboSonic can be effectively and popularly used in fitness centers, total beauty concept salons or spas.

General Training: Improving body balance, flexibility and circulation

Using TurboSonic, the same effect of regular aerobic exercises can be accomplished with a maximum effect of exercise with a minimum amount of time, compared to other exercise methods.

Strength Training : Increasing muscle strength

TurboSonic exercise stimulates fast twitch muscle fiber to produce powerful muscles. Proportion and ability of such fast-twitch muscle fiber acts as an element that helps to decide the outcome of a race for athletes requiring extra power for a short amount of time, such as athletes at running, jumping and throwing sports. Exercise using TurboSonic also improves endurance of muscle, which is to improve the function of slow twitch muscle fiber.

Diet and Beauty Clinic: Easy-to-use and effective for people who dislike exercising

TurboSonic exercise accelerates blood circulation and lymph drainage, strengthens collagen and stimulates muscle fiber ultimately helping in the fight against cellulite. Whole body vibration exercise prompts intestinal movement and improves the overall function of the intestinal tract. WBV also reduces excessive body fat by increasing the vibrational recruitment of body fat during exercise and maintains the elasticity of the skin by enhancing the function of the connective tissues and the bodies circulatory system.

Revitalization : Anti-aging

TurboSonic exercise can help the elderly achieve a healthy and active lifestyle. TurboSonic helps by improving blood circulation, digestion and flexibility. All this helps to promote a more active lifestyle.

Sound Frequency vs. Mechanical Vibration

With more than 70 companies recently jumping on the vibrational bandwagon, only Sonic Life implements sound frequency-based technology by way of an exclusive patent. We call this method Sonic Whole Body Vibration.

The unique aspect of Sonic Life is that our products use sound frequency technology to create the Whole Body Vibration rather than subjecting our bodies to an unnatural-mechanical vibration.

The body’s physiological reaction to sound frequencies as opposed to mechanical vibration  can be likened to your physical and energetic response to either, great seats at the symphony, or holding onto a jackhammer.

The sonic frequencies of the symphony heighten your senses and relax your body, filling you with positive energy and encouraging cellular harmony.

Holding onto the jackhammer causes resistance, physiological stress and the corresponding release of negative stress hormones. Scientific research categorizes these symptoms under the term, “Mechanical Abrasion”.

From a scientific standpoint, each Sine Wave frequency creating Sound has a curve at the end of the frequency creating tonal transitions that are smooth and therefore natural. This creates soothing, healing movement of energy throughout the body. In contrast, mechanical frequencies are very abrupt, jarring and stressful to the body ñ and can cause increasing negative hormonal stress responses, potentially causing harm.

The difference is simple and the benefits are easy to feel.  It takes only 10 minutes!

TurboSonic Vibration Therapy burns 300 calories and is an hours worth of exercise in 10 minutes
Whole Body Vibration is a platform that vibrates while the user can stand, sit, etc., on it. Exercises can be performed while on the platform, which will have a different effect on the body compared to performing these exercises while on solid ground. The biological reaction to vibration is dependent on the frequency, magnitude, duration and type of vibration — or how often, how much and how long the vibratory stimulus is. There is an involuntary muscular response to vibration; the muscle contracts at the same rate as the Hz set on the WBV unit. Specific WBV frequencies make muscles contract more often and to a greater degree. For example, if the unit is set to 30Hz for 30 seconds, the muscle will contract 900 times. Sonic Whole-Body Vibration (SWBV) employs a speaker system with new magnetic circuits, rather than vibration spin motors. SWBV works diligently to overcome all negative aspects of vibration motors. Vibration spin motors have noise and flaws, which result in mechanical abrasions. They simply cannot function at the level that SWBV does.

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