Missy's Testamonial

Hey Kathy ,
I needed to send you this e-mail and let you know my legs are still doing great !  I can’t believe it !!!  Today I actually walked up and down my stairs  5 x …. and i don’t have the usual pain it’s mostly gone.   I even managed to go outside and do a little yard work , goush… i haven’t done that in a long time. It’s now  3:54 am & i’m still going strong .  I just wanted you to know !  Thanks again to you  & Bill.
XX Missy


Yes Qi Gong ~ My friend Linda ~ Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1990 went the route ~ Chemo~ Losing her hair ~ one day said I am not doing this ~ stopped traditional therapy and the journey began ~ Qi Gong came into her life ~ she found peace ~ that’s what she told me practicing made her journey light ~


I have been going to Kathy now for 4 years or better when ever I have a problem. The biotracking she does has helped me every time. It has changed my life for the better. She has been my guidance and my Angel in the path I have chose for myself. I will continue to go to The Wellness Center as long as I can. I can not wait to try something new that will help with my body’s healing process. I would recommend anyone that has any health situations or other stuff going on to stop by and check it out. You will not regret it. I haven’t 🙂


Yay!!!! I know you’ll do great. Your knowledge and experience with the bio- tracker has helped me so much. Amazing


Kathy Pettey, Don’t know if I ever told you, but the test you did a few years back that showed I have an adrenal problem was right on the money. When I got it tested after I moved, it showed that all numbers were less than 0.5 which is really bad. Have been working on it for the past few years and it’s finally coming back up. Summery: you’ve got great diagnostic tools there.


Hi Kathy, this is Ginger; I saw you in January, and you totally diagnosed my sinus problem and set me in a road to recovery! I was amazed again at how correct and helpful your treatment was!! You also diagnosed the reason for my deep seeded thyroid problem, which was amazing, and positively life changing. I have been trying to get my husband to go see you too. I have been telling my friend Dawn for months to make an appointment with you, and she finally did it!! Thank you so much!


Dear Kathy,
Can not express how much your diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, counseling, etc.; is appreciated.


I really can’t thank you enough for what you did for me today– and how you did it.
You explained everything and came from such a place of openness and generosity…and you reaffirmed everything I believe in (about frequencies and energy) but lost site of when the chronic pain left me utterly confused.
With much gratitude and light…


Hi Kathy
I wanted to say hi and thank you again for helping me.
I felt great!!!!! and didn’t really have an more symptoms.
Thank you again for everything! Hope all is well.


In October of 2010 I was informed that I had cancer in my large and small intestines, liver and both kidneys. I was instructed to get my affairs in order and return to the doctor in 3 weeks for blood work to admit me to Yale New Haven Hospital where one of my kidneys would be totally removed and the other affected organs partially removed and then treated with radiation and chemotherapy.
This was devastating news to me. I also did not have health insurance.
A co-worker suggested that I go see her mother, Kathy Pettey at the Wellness Center.
Kathy did a BioTracker test on me, which confirmed that my organs and intestines were in trouble. She made me an Isode remedy and I left.
3 weeks later when I returned to my doctor, he examined me and asked me if I had done some kind of therapy as all of the cancer was gone except for the one kidney that was supposed to be removed, but that too was nearly healed up.
I told him I did the BioTracker but he didn’t know what that was, but he told me to go do it some more, and he cancelled my admission to Yale New Haven.
I went back to the Wellness Center and told them what happened, and they continued to work with me until that kidney was healed up as well.
The love, compassion and respect for human beings that the Wellness Center gives is a healing all in its self!
That was 6 years ago and I am still cancer free and I have never felt better!
If you don’t think you can afford or deserve a better life, you’re wrong, you can!
Visit the Wellness Center and be well!


I visited a couple of months ago and have been meaning to give you some feedback. I have progressively been feeling better and felt improvements quite quickly but thought I should be more conservative and not jump to conclusions to fast. So I waited and can positively say that I am feeling like new and want to thank you for your help in getting there.
Catherine Conrady

Hello ! We just got home, and I realized I really wanted to thank you again! I did feel I was in a dimension that we all know exists, but don’t know how to get there! How lucky(blessed, I feel) you made the nature of what real living and sharing should look like! God knows how to pick them! I love wearing my “talisman” I always loved that word, and longed for one, now I am wearing one safely around my neck, at all times! As they say you don’t always know when an Angel is in your midst, but I felt I was blessed by one!
Thank you for your work, your equanimity (don’t get to use that word too often) and the generosity of your giving, that, for me, was healing already! May your family and other loved ones, have a Blessed Christmas, and a New Year that perhaps unity can be the message for Us All!
Vivian Epstein

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