Full Spectrum Lighting

Vita-Lite Full Spectrum LightingAND GOD SAID “LET THERE BE LIGHT”

Since the beginning of time, life on earth life has evolved under the natural light of the sun. Without sunlight, life would have become mutated at best, and possibly cease to be entirely.

The light that is produced by the rays of the sun contains a unique and balanced spectrum of colors, both visible and invisible and each individual color plays a significant role in sustaining life on this planet.

We all know that plants thrive best in natural daylight and thrive poorly, if at all, under indoor artificial light. But what about people? What is our relationship to light and how does it affect us, especially in this day and age when much of our time is spent indoors under artificial light and exposure to the sun is being discouraged?

Scientists have just recently begun asking themselves that very question, and although this is a fairly new area of research, some of the answers that they have come up with thus far are startling to say the least.

For instance, do you know that natural light has been discovered to be a nutrient, as vital and necessary to our health and well being as food and water, and that it’s capable of preventing disease? Or, that indoor light has been found to be the source of many emotional and physical disorders? Much research is currently being done in this area and scientists are just now beginning to become fully aware of the many effects the full light spectrum has on our bodily functions and overall health as well as its dire necessity for our well-being.

Experimentation has revealed that rats raised under ordinary fluorescent lighting, which by its own nature lacks nearly half of the light spectrum, develop tumors and their tails fall off. Further, their lifespan is but half the life span of the rats raised under the full spectrum light, which all developed normally.

Exposure to the full light spectrum is also being looked at as a simple yet powerful cure for a multitude of diseases, including: cancer, arthritis, alcoholism, depression, impotence and hyperactivity in children.

These are some very powerful speculations and yet it is a concept that suddenly seems so very obvious.

What can we do to be sure we’re getting adequate doses of full spectrum light? Spending a lot of time outdoors is one way. But for those of us whose circumstances confine us to the indoors the majority of time, there is also a solution. There is currently a full spectrum fluorescent light available. These lights simulate the natural light of day, with the effects and all, by providing the entire full light spectrum.

Daylight can now literally be brought into your home or workplace. These bulbs produce light that even looks like outdoor light and they can be used in addition to, or in place of your present lighting. The cost? Although they may cost a bit more, it’s an expense that’s well worth the overall benefits involved.

The author of this article is a full time police officer as well as a mother of two year-old fraternal twins.


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